De Beauvoir Espresso



In May 2017, Raw Material met with two coffee producer

groups in Pitalito, Huila, to understand what is preventing

farmers from accessing the specialty market.

These groups represent almost 300 families, around

660Ha of coffee farmland, and around 1 million kg of

coffee (parchment) production each year. Despite good

production levels, income from coffee for these families

dropped to unsustainable levels in the past few years.

They face a crossroad; either find alternative means

of income outside coffee, or find a more stable and

sustainable market. During these discussions we heard

farmers describe their core challenges: a lack of key

infrastructure; and lack of stable prices to provide

certainty for investment in improved quality. Together,

we also uncovered a wide gap between how coffee

quality is discussed and measured at the farm level

compared with the roasting end of the value chain.

To address these challenges, we launched

Red Associations. Red in Spanish means network,

representing the producers and roasters working

together to create a sustainable value chain.



Photo Credit: Raw Material