Ethiopia- Ayehu Farm G1 Natural


The Producers



Ayehu Farm is a 500 hectare single estate situated at 1,750masl. This grade 1 lot is of the K7 varietal, atypical for Ethiopia but sometimes found in areas of Kenya and Tanzania.

The Art of Production
The coffee was dried slowly in the sun on raised African beds for 18 days, turned periodically to ensure even drying and prevent over-fermentation or mould formation.

The Region
The emergence of the southern Ethiopian regions of Yirgacheffe and Sidamo as leading producers of speciality coffee has led to a forsaking of many of Ethiopia’s other growing regions. It’s difficult to argue with this paradigm shift when these coffees so consistently deliver in the cup.
But we have always been on the look out for other opportunities. Ethiopia is a diverse, mountainous country with abundant potential for specialty coffee cultivation, and sometimes other traditional regions such as Harar, Djimmah or Kaffa re-enter the conversation and find their way onto roaster’s cupping tables and specialty coffee shops around the world. But Amhara in Ethiopia’s rugged North-West is a new one even for us.

Amhara, home to eponymous ethnic Amhara people, includes Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest body of water and the source of the Blue Nile river.