Ibis- Rwanda


 Rugali Coffee Washing Station is built next to the village of

Rwamiko and purchases coffee from about 140 families in

the area. Once cherry is delivered to the station is it hand

sorted, floated, pulped and then fermented for 12 hours.

Wet parchment is then run through a serpentine where a

moving channel of water allows any floaters and foreign

objects to float and be discarded. Once the coffee is

separated, it is then washed in one final rinse and placed

out on pre-drying sorting tables. It’s at this point where

hand sorters remove any defects including identifying

potential potato defects. Coffee is then laid out to dry on

terraced raised beds for an average of 21 days.

During Raw Material's visit to Rwanda in May this year, this lot was

identified as a high quality microlot, and separated as an

example of exceptional quality from the station.



Courtesy of Raw Material